15 Reasons to Spend $15 on Jason and (Medea) at IndyFringe

Before heading to IndyFringe, we had some mixed feelings on theater. Call it judgmental, call it closed- minded, call it just plain idiocy, but a short snippet of our conversation before we headed to the IndyFringe Basile Theater last Friday night was, “I really respect theater and I wish I “got it” more, but a lot of times I just don’t think I understand it.”

We couldn’t be more thrilled to report how stupid that statement is after seeing Jason and (Medea) at IndyFringe. And we couldn’t be happier to say that we are officially theater-embracers, and owe our thanks for the mind-shift to the talented folks who make up the theater fabric of Indianapolis, especially at IndyFringe and the Wisdom Tooth Theatre Project.

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Indy Based Clothing Company Breathes New Life into City’s Hometown Favorites

Hoosier Dome, Market Square Arena and Deer Creek – oh my! No, this isn’t a history lesson, these are just some of the iconic Indianapolis venues printed on Hayes and Taylor Quality Clothing t-shirts. The hand printed apparel company perfectly taps the nostalgic Indy hometown heart with their classic designs celebrating local Indianapolis sports and culture. It’s every Hoosier’s dream come true, especially if you’re a sports fan.

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Coffee Crawl Part 1: My Conversion to Coffee.

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a strict tea girl. Chai tea to be exact. That was, until I discovered Tinker Coffee Co.

I met the Tinker guys out n’ about in Indy, and started popping into their charming building on 16th St. during my free time. In true Hoosier hospitality form, they never failed to ask me if I wanted a cup of coffee…which I politely accepted, despite my distaste for it.

After the third time this happened, I actually began enjoying the taste…even craving it. And now I completely blame the Tinker guys for my coffee addiction.

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Pop-In to Pop-Up Shops this Summer

Remember pop-up videos on VH1? You’d sit and watch music videos (hey guys, remember music videos and how they used to play on televisions and stuff?) and fun facts would pop-up on the screen about the making of the video or the artist. Well, Indy can do you one better than sitting on a couch watching a music video. How about pop-up stores? By now, we’re all familiar with food trucks, bringing food to our favorite spots around town, but buckle up for mobile shopping experiences in all of your favorite neighborhoods. Here, I present the definitive list of pop-up Indy shops to keep you in fun fashions all summer, no matter where you are.

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The Great Brewventure: Part II

If you missed The Great Brewventure: Part I, check it out here!

Hello again homebrewers! When we last left off with our Cream Ale, the wort (young beer) had been placed in a bucket with yeast to begin creating alcohol. Now in part two, we’re going to discuss the last few steps of making great beer, and do a taste test of our creation. Hopefully the result will be delicious. If not, you can always pawn the beer off on a college student who doesn’t know any better (those of legal drinking age, of course).

Step 1: Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe

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A Whole New World of Intimate Music in Indy

Can I ask you a question, do these concert scenarios sound familiar?

Mosh pits of shoulder-to-shoulder sweaty people, audio so bad it leaves your hearing impaired, or your vision blocked because your seat was right behind a cement pillar.

As a concert goer you expect to feeeeeel the music around you, not the people or the venue. A musical performance is an experience in more ways than one. Concerts are a platform for people of the community to come together and rally behind messages that are being played by the musician. Music is one of those things in life that is an indescribable feeling, and has you in a state of mind that can be simply described as pure happiness. Well, you’re in luck. A group of young music enthusiasts have come together in Indianapolis, and have listened to those suggestions about attending a unique concert experience by jump-starting the Indianapolis chapter of Sofar Sounds.

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