Agriculture and Commerce: Ingredients from Indy

Summer is a great time to be Indy, the weather is warm, people are out and about and farmer’s markets are back.

In a world that has gone away from non-GMO (genetically modified organism) and other artificially processed foods, food has been in the spotlight and the consumer is taking note. Look no further than your local farmer’s markets–the birthplace of how food ought to be.

Food and other goods at farmer’s markets are fresh, crisp and delicious. Foods sold at a farmers market just look authentic, what I mean by that is the food itself being distributed looks like it could have been grown by yourself–rather than being beautified by camera and other photo enhancing applications.

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Triton Brewery Brings New Flavor to Historic Neighborhood

I live in “historic” Ft. Ben. While the majority of my college friends quickly found places in other neighborhoods (I’m looking at you, Broad Ripple) I wanted an affordable, but livable single. Too much time in a fraternity house can do that to a person.

Luckily for me, the Ft. Ben area had what I was looking for: single bedroom apartments that wouldn’t fleece my wallet and were just a short commute from my day job. What I didn’t realize is that the Ft. Ben area would be home to incredible growth, as a reuse committee has been guiding development following the closing of the army base in 1995… Translated, I am walking distance from a microbrewery, Indianapolis’s own Triton Brewing Company.

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Coffee Crawl Part 1: My Conversion to Coffee.

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a strict tea girl. Chai tea to be exact. That was, until I discovered Tinker Coffee Co.

I met the Tinker guys out n’ about in Indy, and started popping into their charming building on 16th St. during my free time. In true Hoosier hospitality form, they never failed to ask me if I wanted a cup of coffee…which I politely accepted, despite my distaste for it.

After the third time this happened, I actually began enjoying the taste…even craving it. And now I completely blame the Tinker guys for my coffee addiction.

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The Great Brewventure: Part II

If you missed The Great Brewventure: Part I, check it out here!

Hello again homebrewers! When we last left off with our Cream Ale, the wort (young beer) had been placed in a bucket with yeast to begin creating alcohol. Now in part two, we’re going to discuss the last few steps of making great beer, and do a taste test of our creation. Hopefully the result will be delicious. If not, you can always pawn the beer off on a college student who doesn’t know any better (those of legal drinking age, of course).

Step 1: Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe

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Hop on the BRICS Train

A Bar Mitzvah can be a transformative experience for a young man. He reads from the Torah for the first time. He is officially considered an adult in the Jewish community. He celebrates with family and friends. For a lucky couple of Indy natives, he might also find his future business partner.

David Vonnegut-Gabovitch (yes, THAT Vonnegut… David’s wife is related to Kurt ) and David DuBow met each other at a Bar Mitzvah (they can’t quite remember whose it was) and have been friends since age 13. Throughout junior high, high school, college, and adulthood, they remained close friends. Five years ago, they wanted to enrich the community in which they’d grown up and loved for so many years, and established BRICS: Broad Ripple Ice Cream Station. Located in the original Broad Ripple train station on the Monon trail, BRICS was founded as a two-family venture hoping to provide many Indy families with delicious ice cream, sweet memories, and happy times. Mission Accomplished. Mazel Tov.

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The Great Brewventure!

In my last column for Trndy Indy I wrote about the great brewing hobby shop Great Fermentations. I’d visited it many times before in the past because a group of buddies and I get together once in a while to try our hand at making beer. Sometimes the results are outstanding! Other times, two months of work ends up tasting like dish soap (my first attempt). In any case, the first Saturday in May is National Homebrew Day, so my brew group got together to try and make something good.

Step 1: Planning and Purchasing

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Spice Up Your Cinco De Mayo With Carniceria Guanajuato

I’ve been through a lot of Cinco de Mayos, good and bad (the worst probably includes throwing up and passing out on my aunt and uncle’s bathroom floor after far too many homemade margaritas, we’ve all been there), however, I always try to treat this holiday with the reverence it deserves. Basically, waiting hours in line for margs, chips & salsa and some sort of pork burrito. If you are looking to spice up your Cinco de Mayo this year, I highly suggest making the trek out by Lafayette Square Mall to the restaurante in Carnicieria Guanajuato.

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Pack Your Bags for a Cozy Cocktail at Hotel Tango

As a lifelong, self-proclaimed camp kid, there are few things I love more than a cabin and the smell of a bonfire. Throw in a great cocktail? I’m sold. These simple pleasures were discovered when I entered Hotel Tango on a cold night in January, and I promptly claimed Hotel Tango as my new favorite spot. Hotel Tango is currently central Indiana’s only artisan distillery, and is the nation’s only service disabled combat veteran owned artisan distillery. A sign outside proudly says “No Mean Distillery”. The labels on their Hoosier homemade spirits read “For All.”

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