You + Giving Sum = A Better Indy

We’ve all been there before sitting around with friends tossing out ideas to change the world in the midst of hysteria, but not actually going out and executing it. What would you say if there was an organization in your neighborhood made up of your neighbors that were coming together to execute an agreed upon idea by the community. Would that interest you?

This should interest you…

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Solvitur Ambulando: Get to Know NoIrv (North Irvington)

Throughout history, no model for conflict has reeked as much havoc and bad blood as the north/south paradigm.  The Union had the Confederacy, the Cubs have the White Sox, polar bears have penguins, and within our own city, North and South Irvington have been waging a feud for the ages.  South Irvington, or SoIrv, celebrates itself as a hotbed of cultural, historical, and educational significance. And it’s true, the southside of the neighborhood does have the majority of historical landmarks.  One only need go on the haunted tour in October to see that most of the haunted houses are south of Washington Street.  And just recently I wrote about the quaint hamlet, and all it has to offer: the Irving Circle, the former grounds of Butler University, the Benton House.  But damnit, I grew up in NoIrv, and I’ll be damned to let SoIrv win this battle without a fight.

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5 Steps to Prepare for the Indy 500

Race fans, it’s that exciting time of year again! The big day is swiftly approaching, Sunday May 24th, and it’s time to get your plan on. If you haven’t already, you should start taking action on the following.

  1. Picking Your Location at the Track

The track is huge, and you have a lot of options when it comes to location. If you are interested in watching the race, the stands are the best place to be to hear the loud engines and watch all the crashes. Your ticket in the stands also allows to walk into the infield if you so choose.

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