It’s Time to Wake Up and Dance with Electronic-Pop Duo Dream Chief

John and Luke Tuttle are lighting up the Hoosier state with their fresh synth-pop sound as the emerging electronic-pop duo, Dream Chief. The cousins started out playing covers at local coffee shops around Indy and released their first EP Live Alive, which helped land them a spot in the Top 24 on VH1’s competition Make a Band Famous. Now they are back in Indianapolis playing as many shows as they can book and gearing up for the release of their new EP due out this June. Indy, it’s time to dance.

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Wisdom for the Trndy Grad

Congratulations – you are about to complete what I sincerely hope was the most magical 4 (or maybe 5) years of your life to date. Your stress levels were likely dictated by which beer was on sale at Wal-Mart on the eve of your epic toga party. These problems are real, and I have no doubt you became a master at solving them. Now, you face new challenges in the wake of exiting the protected bubble of your college campus, and entering the expensive, responsibility-drenched world commonly referred to as “being an adult.”
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Get Geist Ready with Core Pilates and Fitness- It’s a HIIT!

Interview with Sean Bartram – ex professional soccer player, Tracy Anderson former head trainer, and official trainer to the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders.

Sean Bartram

Trndy Indy took some time from consuming all of Indy’s most delicious eats to burn some of those “cals” off with Sean Bartram. Sean is the owner of Core Pilates and Fitness in Carmel, author of the newly released book High Intensity Interval Training for Women (found on Amazon), and official trainer to the Colts cheerleaders.

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Pack Your Bags for a Cozy Cocktail at Hotel Tango

As a lifelong, self-proclaimed camp kid, there are few things I love more than a cabin and the smell of a bonfire. Throw in a great cocktail? I’m sold. These simple pleasures were discovered when I entered Hotel Tango on a cold night in January, and I promptly claimed Hotel Tango as my new favorite spot. Hotel Tango is currently central Indiana’s only artisan distillery, and is the nation’s only service disabled combat veteran owned artisan distillery. A sign outside proudly says “No Mean Distillery”. The labels on their Hoosier homemade spirits read “For All.”

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Pattern: Fashioning a Community

I’ve always been a proponent of getting really interesting people into a room and seeing what kind of magical things can happen. Back in 2010, a group of people passionate about fashion, art, culture and community did just that. Their challenge: how to create a fashion community in a Midwest state known for it’s agriculture. The magical “thing” that manifested into a solution: Pattern. So what exactly is Pattern? Allow me to break it down for you.

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Adventurous eating starts with Mama’s House Korean Restaurant

Reviewing Mama’s House Korean Restaurant is difficult. It is an eatery that will be divisive no matter how you look at it. For starters, the location is un-glamorous, and even that might be overselling it. Second, Korean cuisine has not jumped into the American zeitgeist in nearly the same way that other Asian traditions have. Select neighborhoods in New York and California might boast popular, real Korean food, but that has not been the case in the Midwest. And finally, if you are someone who has adventurous taste buds, it might not be worth the effort to sway a picky eater to try a little kimchi. So what’s a foodie in a group of friends to do? Suffer through another take on pub food or withstand the whining of a captious tablemate?

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