Hop on the BRICS Train

A Bar Mitzvah can be a transformative experience for a young man. He reads from the Torah for the first time. He is officially considered an adult in the Jewish community. He celebrates with family and friends. For a lucky couple of Indy natives, he might also find his future business partner.

David Vonnegut-Gabovitch (yes, THAT Vonnegut… David’s wife is related to Kurt ) and David DuBow met each other at a Bar Mitzvah (they can’t quite remember whose it was) and have been friends since age 13. Throughout junior high, high school, college, and adulthood, they remained close friends. Five years ago, they wanted to enrich the community in which they’d grown up and loved for so many years, and established BRICS: Broad Ripple Ice Cream Station. Located in the original Broad Ripple train station on the Monon trail, BRICS was founded as a two-family venture hoping to provide many Indy families with delicious ice cream, sweet memories, and happy times. Mission Accomplished. Mazel Tov.

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Building a Business Case

The first time I had an idea that I thought would revolutionize our business (I’d been out of college for about 2 months), my boss said “cool, write a business case.”

I started by Googling “business case,” and then began thinking about all of the things I would work on to make this project a success. I plugged them into a trusty Word doc and formatted it with some off-brand versions of our DyKnow blue and a font that wasn’t Times New Roman. Then I presented it.

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The Indy Froot Harvest Comes Early with the Help of Marina and the Diamonds

This week, Wednesday at 7:30pm to be exact, Marina and the Diamonds will be serving Naptown a healthy helping of Froot. And while you may be thinking to yourself, “she isn’t even from here…” You’re right, but she will be here – which makes this a concert you won’t want to miss. The Welsh singer-songwriter who claimed mainstream radio fame with her 2012 hit “Primadonna” will be performing at the Egyptian Room in the Old National Centre. The show is one of the first stops on her United States tour supporting her internationally successful third full-length album release, Froot.

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The Great Brewventure!

In my last column for Trndy Indy I wrote about the great brewing hobby shop Great Fermentations. I’d visited it many times before in the past because a group of buddies and I get together once in a while to try our hand at making beer. Sometimes the results are outstanding! Other times, two months of work ends up tasting like dish soap (my first attempt). In any case, the first Saturday in May is National Homebrew Day, so my brew group got together to try and make something good.

Step 1: Planning and Purchasing

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You + Giving Sum = A Better Indy

We’ve all been there before sitting around with friends tossing out ideas to change the world in the midst of hysteria, but not actually going out and executing it. What would you say if there was an organization in your neighborhood made up of your neighbors that were coming together to execute an agreed upon idea by the community. Would that interest you?

This should interest you…

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Solvitur Ambulando: Get to Know NoIrv (North Irvington)

Throughout history, no model for conflict has reeked as much havoc and bad blood as the north/south paradigm.  The Union had the Confederacy, the Cubs have the White Sox, polar bears have penguins, and within our own city, North and South Irvington have been waging a feud for the ages.  South Irvington, or SoIrv, celebrates itself as a hotbed of cultural, historical, and educational significance. And it’s true, the southside of the neighborhood does have the majority of historical landmarks.  One only need go on the haunted tour in October to see that most of the haunted houses are south of Washington Street.  And just recently I wrote about the quaint hamlet, and all it has to offer: the Irving Circle, the former grounds of Butler University, the Benton House.  But damnit, I grew up in NoIrv, and I’ll be damned to let SoIrv win this battle without a fight.

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Wherever your Summer Road Trips take you Jason Aaron Coons should be There

The wait for new music is almost over for fans of local Indy artist, Jason Aaron Coons, who is set to release his latest EP Ride Vol. I on May 22nd. JAC first teased new music almost a year ago during live shows before releasing unofficial tracks on soundcloud months ago. The offerings delivered a continuation to the singer-songwriter’s evolution to a sonic synth-pop sound heard on his last EP, The Coast. Now almost a year later from his last release, it’s time to for fans and local music lovers to turn their car stereos up and just ride.

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