Swim in the Canal Guilt Free with the Tri Indy Triathlon

Once upon a time, a great man in Indianapolis was arrested for ALLEGEDLY swimming in the canal. Normally, this would be in the news for a day and quickly disappear. However, things tend to be a bit more newsworthy when you’re one of the best punters in the NFL. I’m of course talking about Colts punter and comedian Pat McAfee, who, five years ago, was just taking a quick dip in the Indianapolis canal, likely trying to cool off from a hot streak of winning with the Colts. I am here to tell you that there’s an easier to way to swim in the canal and NOT get arrested- Tri Indy!

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“You Do You Yoga” will Make You a Believer

“I always knew hell would be hot, but I guess I didn’t expect I’d be holding down dog.” This was the thought running through my head in February of 2011. I was living in New York City, and rather than joining an expensive gym, I would buy Groupons for work out studios, attend one or two classes, and never return. One such Groupon was for a yoga class. One overcrowded room and several uppity and unapproachable yogis later, I walked home, shivering in the New York winter air, sweat frozen on my clothes, and fully convinced I would never again take a yoga class.

Fast forward to January 2015 in Indianapolis. I had been running, playing on a soccer league, and attending boxing classes, and thought I could benefit from a low-key once-a-week donation yoga class to stretch out my muscles. I started looking for a place to do drop-in yoga once a week; not have to belong- just be an anonymous face in a crowded class to stretch at the end of the week. I chose the wrong place, and I’m so happy I did. 

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Get Geist Ready with Core Pilates and Fitness- It’s a HIIT!

Interview with Sean Bartram – ex professional soccer player, Tracy Anderson former head trainer, and official trainer to the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders.

Sean Bartram

Trndy Indy took some time from consuming all of Indy’s most delicious eats to burn some of those “cals” off with Sean Bartram. Sean is the owner of Core Pilates and Fitness in Carmel, author of the newly released book High Intensity Interval Training for Women (found on Amazon), and official trainer to the Colts cheerleaders.

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