IndyFringe Sweeps Audiences Off Their Feet with Impressionism

I’ve been to the IndyFringe Basile Theater twice now, and both times I leave thinking “I need to come here more often.” So here’s my newest 2016 resolution to see more shows at this theater.

Both performances have been directed by the lovely Amy Hayes, and both have been incredibly touching, emotionally raw, and heart-warmingly funny. The one currently playing is Impressionism, and tells the story of two characters, Thomas and Katherine, working side-by-side in an art gallery, hiding from a world that has shattered them. As they grow closer in every scene {spoiler alert} they find that love isn’t always painted in the style of realism, but that sometimes you have to take a step back to see the whole picture – or in this case – the whole person.

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Coping with Addiction Powerfully Portrayed in IndyFringe’s Latest Show: Water By the Spoonful

I had the great fortune of seeing Wisdom Tooth Theatre’s production of Water By the Spoonful last Friday evening at the IndyFringe Basile Theater. Last time I attended a play at IndyFringe, I came away thinking I didn’t know enough about theater to provide the TrndyIndy readers with a comprehensive or deep enough look at the play. Water by the Spoonful was different. The subject matter was so human and gripping, and the performances were so well done, that it would be impossible to not be deeply affected by a subject that is both very raw and very real. Truly, one short blog post can’t fully express all that I got out of this beautiful performance, which was completely enhanced by the talent on stage.

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Indy Film Fest: Wrecking Balls of Mediocrity Since 2004

I have cool friends doing cool things. One of those things involves the planning of the Indy Film Fest. And one of the perks of having those cool friends is tagging along to opening night of said film fest.

IMG_8645 (1)The theme of the 2015 festival is “Fearless Stories” and they are living up to that with a line-up of films that is anything but mediocre. Opening night featured “Sleeping With Other People” and did not disappoint. Never have I seen a film that so successfully combined witty banter, charming dialogue, heartfelt moments, and just the right amount of raunchy humor. Continue reading

Solvitur Ambulando: Midtown Coffee Crawl 2015

In our millennial age, perhaps no other activity has captured the weekend imagination of young adults more so than the “bar crawl.” Hardly a month goes by without one’s calendar getting pummeled with invites to various holiday binge-drinking events, where one may be expected to dress as anything from Santa Claus to an Irish stereotype, all the while walking from bar to bar in one of the city’s many nightlife districts. It’s all fun, but lately I’ve grown tired of the obnoxious, drunken shenanigans, the over-priced drinks, and their subsequent hangovers. But not wanting to rid my life of the practice entirely, I’ve begun looking for other applications of the “crawl.” So this past weekend I woke up early and began the city’s first inaugural Midtown Coffee Crawl. What followed was a morning of manic energy, fleeting mental clarity, and existential dread. I should at this point warn everyone to never do this. I mean bar crawls are dangerous and all, but at least you can sleep off a day of over-drinking.

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Brew and Drink #FTA: Sanctuary Brewing Company

Sanctuary Brewing CoPhilanthropy: the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed by the generous donation of money to good causes.

If you have recently attended a college or university of any sort there is a chance a dance marathon took place on your campus. You might have heard or seen #FTK and knew what it meant as a non-dance marathoner, to get the cat out of the hat so to speak, it represents For The Kids. This has merely set the scene about what I am about to unveil onto you and it happens to be making its home in one of Indianapolis’s cultural districts Fountain Square. Sanctuary Brewing Company. A brainchild of successful entrepreneur Dave Worthington and his business associate Rand Wilson, a brewery that’s sole missions is to raise money to benefit animals. Thusly, For The Animals (#FTA). The Sanctuary Brewing Co. team has decided that no less than 5% of their overall profits will go to various animal sanctuaries and foundations. They intend to be a main stay in Indianapolis and a leader on animal care. Before the brewery opens in early September get to know the good people behind these philanthropic brews.

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The Ultimate Trndy Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day can be one of the hardest holidays to shop for, and it’s too easy to just get him another polo shirt from the mall or generic coffee mug. This year ditch the department store for something as unique as your old man’s dance moves.

1. Hayes and Taylor– If I had a dollar for every time my dad mentioned watching Pacer’s games as a kid, or explained the history of Hinkle as we walked in for a game I could buy coffee for a for the rest of my life. Hayes and Taylor is the perfect spot for Hoosier native dads. All of the shirts have a vintage flair which will bring back memories for him while keeping him looking trndy. It’s a win on both sides. He gets a reminder of fun times and you get props for having a stylish dad. Read more about them!

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15 Reasons to Spend $15 on Jason and (Medea) at IndyFringe

Before heading to IndyFringe, we had some mixed feelings on theater. Call it judgmental, call it closed- minded, call it just plain idiocy, but a short snippet of our conversation before we headed to the IndyFringe Basile Theater last Friday night was, “I really respect theater and I wish I “got it” more, but a lot of times I just don’t think I understand it.”

We couldn’t be more thrilled to report how stupid that statement is after seeing Jason and (Medea) at IndyFringe. And we couldn’t be happier to say that we are officially theater-embracers, and owe our thanks for the mind-shift to the talented folks who make up the theater fabric of Indianapolis, especially at IndyFringe and the Wisdom Tooth Theatre Project.

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