Daredevil Brewing Co. Brings New Business to Famous Racing Town

Daredevil is a well-known name for Indy craft beer drinkers. Their Lift-Off IPA, which took second place in the Indy Star’s 2015 #MaltMadness craft beer competition, is in bars and tap rooms all over the state. They spent their first four years as a microbrewery in Shelbyville on the city’s southeast side. After their recent opening of the first newly constructed production brewery in Indianapolis since Prohibition, Daredevil will call Indianapolis their home.


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Dreaming Big Landed Hoosier Singer-Songwriter the Performance of a Lifetime

Two years ago singer-songwriter Haley Jonay received a backstage pass to meet platinum recording artist and singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran. Together they sang the chorus of his hit single “Lego House” and he told Jonay she had a beautiful voice. Inspired by his support, Jonay released her debut album Haley Jonay in November of 2014 and quickly became a local Hoosier favorite. And tonight, Jonay will be living out another dream: performing on the Plaza Stage at Klipsch Music Centre before Ed Sheeran’s sold out concert.

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Brew and Drink #FTA: Sanctuary Brewing Company

Sanctuary Brewing CoPhilanthropy: the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed by the generous donation of money to good causes.

If you have recently attended a college or university of any sort there is a chance a dance marathon took place on your campus. You might have heard or seen #FTK and knew what it meant as a non-dance marathoner, to get the cat out of the hat so to speak, it represents For The Kids. This has merely set the scene about what I am about to unveil onto you and it happens to be making its home in one of Indianapolis’s cultural districts Fountain Square. Sanctuary Brewing Company. A brainchild of successful entrepreneur Dave Worthington and his business associate Rand Wilson, a brewery that’s sole missions is to raise money to benefit animals. Thusly, For The Animals (#FTA). The Sanctuary Brewing Co. team has decided that no less than 5% of their overall profits will go to various animal sanctuaries and foundations. They intend to be a main stay in Indianapolis and a leader on animal care. Before the brewery opens in early September get to know the good people behind these philanthropic brews.

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Penn & Palate Tickles the Tastebuds, Celebrates Local Artists

Nestled beneath the Piccadilly residence on the corner of 16th and Pennsylvania sits the new Penn & Palate restaurant. With local art hanging over every table, community residences taking up the real estate above the restaurant, and windows that look out towards Herron High School, you don’t have to go far to know that this place values the Indy arts community. Even their cutesy tongue-in-cheek name references the many avenues that artists use to express themselves.

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Pardon My Interruption: Get Familiar With Indy Folk Singer-Songwriter Myah Evans


Myah Evans

Moving lyrics and smooth acoustics have been the perfect combination for folk singer-songwriter Myah Evans to make her mark in the local Indy music scene. The Indianapolis native and self-taught musician has been perfecting her alluring sound since the age of 12 and now resides in Bloomington where she balances work full time with an up-and-coming music career. And through her music, Evan’s shares her story, unfiltered. This summer Evans plans to release her long-awaited EP project, Y, which will give listeners an even more intimate look into her story.

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Agriculture and Commerce: Ingredients from Indy

Summer is a great time to be Indy, the weather is warm, people are out and about and farmer’s markets are back.

In a world that has gone away from non-GMO (genetically modified organism) and other artificially processed foods, food has been in the spotlight and the consumer is taking note. Look no further than your local farmer’s markets–the birthplace of how food ought to be.

Food and other goods at farmer’s markets are fresh, crisp and delicious. Foods sold at a farmers market just look authentic, what I mean by that is the food itself being distributed looks like it could have been grown by yourself–rather than being beautified by camera and other photo enhancing applications.

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The Ultimate Trndy Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day can be one of the hardest holidays to shop for, and it’s too easy to just get him another polo shirt from the mall or generic coffee mug. This year ditch the department store for something as unique as your old man’s dance moves.

1. Hayes and Taylor– If I had a dollar for every time my dad mentioned watching Pacer’s games as a kid, or explained the history of Hinkle as we walked in for a game I could buy coffee for a for the rest of my life. Hayes and Taylor is the perfect spot for Hoosier native dads. All of the shirts have a vintage flair which will bring back memories for him while keeping him looking trndy. It’s a win on both sides. He gets a reminder of fun times and you get props for having a stylish dad. Read more about them!

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Meet Nearly 100 Community Organizations at IndyHub’s IndyVolved | June 18th | Central Library

Do you like to mingle and mosey booth to booth? Do you like brews? Are you looking to get involved in the community? Are you one of Indy’s 20/30 somethings?

If yes, then I highly suggest you check out IndyHub’s signature event on June 18th, IndyVolved. With nearly 100 community organizations exhibiting, this is the perfect event to meet those helping shape Indy’s community for the better face-to-face and get involved.


Check out the list of exhibitors here.

Show some love for our great city, and IndyHub. Come out, enjoy some brews and get Indyvolved.