Solvitur Ambulando: A Recreational Walker’s Guide to Indianapolis

Through the good times and bad.  Heartbreak, hangovers, lunch breaks and lazy Sunday afternoons there are a few past times which never fail to pass the time.  There’s reading, talking to good friends, gardening, drinking beer.  But sometimes you can’t find a good book to read.  Sometimes your friends are jerks.  Sometimes its winter.  And sometimes your drinking habit has spiraled into full blown alcoholism.  Which is why I have another hobby to help get me through these troubled times: recreational walking.

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Be a Catalyst for Change: Part One

How often have you stared at some inanimate object in your place of work, convincing yourself you hit the proverbial wall or ceiling, and your only option for success and happiness was to leave?

Your perspective may be accurate. Leaving could be your only option to ‘get more’ and make different contributions. But have you thoughtfully considered what ‘more’ means to you? What exactly are you interested in pursuing? Consider this simple quiz, and circle all that apply:

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Indy Natives Captivate Folk Music World

Lily & Madeleine

Just over two years ago, singer-songwriters Lily and Madeleine Jerkiewicz emerged from the Hoosier state to captivate folk music audiences with their undeniable and organic vocal chemistry. Signed with Asthmatic Kitty Records, it didn’t take long for the sisters to gain worldwide attention for the release of their first EP, The Weight of the Globe. Since their debut, Lily & Madeleine have released two critically recognized albums and produced some of folk-pop music’s finest efforts.

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New Meatball Spot Finds Instant Success on Mass Ave.

Mimi Blue Meatball Logo

If you haven’t been to Mimi Blue Meatballs… I’m fairly certain you need to rethink your life’s choices. Open only a few short weeks, Mimi Blue Meatballs, or M.B.M. for the sake of brevity, is sure to become a staple among many greats (R Bistro, Black Market) on the north end of Mass Ave. Trndy Indy was lucky enough to sit down with co-owner, Michael Kosene, to get the “tea” on what has made M.B.M. an instant success, and a deliciously Trndy place to dine.

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