The Ultimate Trndy Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day can be one of the hardest holidays to shop for, and it’s too easy to just get him another polo shirt from the mall or generic coffee mug. This year ditch the department store for something as unique as your old man’s dance moves.

1. Hayes and Taylor– If I had a dollar for every time my dad mentioned watching Pacer’s games as a kid, or explained the history of Hinkle as we walked in for a game I could buy coffee for a for the rest of my life. Hayes and Taylor is the perfect spot for Hoosier native dads. All of the shirts have a vintage flair which will bring back memories for him while keeping him looking trndy. It’s a win on both sides. He gets a reminder of fun times and you get props for having a stylish dad. Read more about them!

2. Sullivan’s Hardware Store– If your dad is the best handy man you know then chances are he knows his way around Sully’s. For this one I’d go with just a gift card and let him have an afternoon of fun searching through the aisles for what he wants. They’ve got everything in there from mulch to light bulbs to statues of Labrador Retrievers.

3. Brew Bus– For children over 21 this is a great adventure to take with your dad. Hop on the green bus and experience all of the great breweries in Indy. Your dad will have fun tasting all the brews, seeing the city and spending the day with you. It will be an afternoon of memories you won’t soon forget. Plus you won’t have to pull straws with your siblings on who has to drive. Reserve your seat here.

4. Go Ape Zip Line and Treetop Adventure— This is one of my favorite hidden gems of Indy. Eagle Creek State Park houses one of the best adventures in town. Spend the afternoon on the Tarzan Swing, jumping from tree to tree and zip lining to the ground. This is another great adventure to take with your dad. You will love seeing his face as he flies down one of the many zip lines in the park. Grab tickets here.

5. Night out for the game– SPORTS! We’re lucky in Indy to have such great teams as the Colts, the Pacers, the Fever, the Indians, Indy Eleven and the Indy Fuel. Whatever sport your dad is into, you can find tickets for him. Enjoy the nice breeze at Victory Field or get dad a bag of popcorn at Banker’s Life. Whether you get tickets for this summer or have to wait until the season starts up, he’ll love watching his favorite team with his favorite child.

Keeping it Simple

BRICS– Sometimes simple is better. Treat dad to a cone of something delicious, and spend a warm Indy summer night chatting and watching people buzz by on the Monon. We spent some time getting to know the good people at BRICS check them out!

Afternoon at the Coffee house– What dad doesn’t love a good cup of joe? Lucky for us the Indy local coffee scene is growing. Stop by Hubbard and Cravens, the Monon Coffee Company or Tinker Coffee Company and drink coffee with your dad and spend the afternoon chatting.

Pro tip: Tinker Coffee Company Cupping Class– If your dad really loves coffee why not learn how to do it up right? Go with your dad to one of Tinker Coffee Company’s Cupping Classes and learn more about his favorite drink together. Learn more about Tinker Coffee Company here!

Written by: Eli Cangany

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