Irvington coffee house serves up more than just a good cup of Joe

As I wandered around historic Irvington, I stumbled upon Coal Yard Coffee. You could say I was Recreational Walking down a gravel path on Bonna Ave. Coal Yard Coffee is modest, unassuming building with a small sign leaning against the entrance. Just walking by I wasn’t completely sure what it was and I almost didn’t go in. But, boy, am I glad I did.

It’s more than just a coffee house, it’s an art gallery. The art gallery opened about a year and half ago and the coffee house arm opened in September of 2014. The walls are lined with local art– everything from paintings of flowers to feathers for your hair to abstract sculptures. Straight ahead from the entrance is the ordering window. After stepping onto a wooden deck you’re looking down into a small tin room where the coffee is made. Above the window is a chalk board with the offerings. All of treats and drinks are local and organic. I ordered an iced coffee, which was made pour over style. I was told it would take a second which I didn’t mind as it gave me time to look around. A few people sat in different parts of the shop in big comfy chairs. It is the type of place to get work done.

As my coffee brewed I chatted with the very friendly woman working there. There is something happening every Friday at Coal Yard Coffee be it live music or spoken word. Every Thursday jazz takes the stage. The first Friday of every month is the time to check out Coal Yard Coffee, they’re got new artwork rolling in, a beer tent, food trucks and live music.

As for my coffee, it was strong and refreshing on the hot summer’s day.

Check them out this weekend, July 17 for the 3rd Friday at the Playground. Irvington’s own Black Acre will be out as well as Beast food truck. A drum circle will play from 7-8 and a special performance by Gypsy Moonshine will follow starting at 8 pm.

Written by: Eli Cangany

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