Indy Pizza Shop Converts Chicago Pizza Lovers

I am an Indianapolis transplant. Though I attended college in Indiana, my first big city was Chicago. The only problem is that Chicago has a tendency to eat up young millennials like myself. High taxes and even higher rent drove me to the center of the Hoosier state and all of its fiscal benefits. But, like any decision such as this, there’s a sacrifice to be made.

In my case, that sacrifice was Chicago-style pizza. All other pizza is inferior. I’ve been ruined for all other pizzerias.

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Triton Brewery Brings New Flavor to Historic Neighborhood

I live in “historic” Ft. Ben. While the majority of my college friends quickly found places in other neighborhoods (I’m looking at you, Broad Ripple) I wanted an affordable, but livable single. Too much time in a fraternity house can do that to a person.

Luckily for me, the Ft. Ben area had what I was looking for: single bedroom apartments that wouldn’t fleece my wallet and were just a short commute from my day job. What I didn’t realize is that the Ft. Ben area would be home to incredible growth, as a reuse committee has been guiding development following the closing of the army base in 1995… Translated, I am walking distance from a microbrewery, Indianapolis’s own Triton Brewing Company.

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The Great Brewventure: Part II

If you missed The Great Brewventure: Part I, check it out here!

Hello again homebrewers! When we last left off with our Cream Ale, the wort (young beer) had been placed in a bucket with yeast to begin creating alcohol. Now in part two, we’re going to discuss the last few steps of making great beer, and do a taste test of our creation. Hopefully the result will be delicious. If not, you can always pawn the beer off on a college student who doesn’t know any better (those of legal drinking age, of course).

Step 1: Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe

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The Great Brewventure!

In my last column for Trndy Indy I wrote about the great brewing hobby shop Great Fermentations. I’d visited it many times before in the past because a group of buddies and I get together once in a while to try our hand at making beer. Sometimes the results are outstanding! Other times, two months of work ends up tasting like dish soap (my first attempt). In any case, the first Saturday in May is National Homebrew Day, so my brew group got together to try and make something good.

Step 1: Planning and Purchasing

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Northside Mediterranean Restaurant and Market Is One of Indy’s Well-Kept Secrets

Part of a restaurant’s appeal is its ability to transport. Dishes are legacies that trace back to places both intimate and general. For a brief moment, a bite of something in an obscure strip mall can serve as a round trip ticket to somewhere else. And, if the food in question is particularly good, sometimes the diner can’t wait to go back for more. That sentiment accurately describes Al Basha Mediterranean Restaurant & Grocery.

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Northeast Side Fish Market is an Indy Gem

There’s a certain set of criteria for fishmongers. Is the shop busy? Is the display ice slushy and clear or melting and discolored? Does it smell like the inside of a sailor’s shoe? Generally speaking, a negative mark for any of these questions will deep six a fish joint. It’s simply not worth the risk to eat bad fish. Especially when the fishmonger in question is based in landlocked Indiana.

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