Discover the Gift of Psych-Folk Music with Alyosha

JPOn October 16th the Indy music scene received a great gift from Joshua Powell & the Great Train Robbery in the form of their newest LP project, Alyosha. After playing over 400 shows spanning more than 40 states, the folk collective’s lead vocalist and creative mind, Joshua Powell, decided it was time to create something new – something he wanted to hear. The Indy-based band decided to trek into uncharted musical territory from the band’s previous releases to explore the realm of psych-folk music. Alyosha is a stunningly creative work that provides a carefully crafted musical journey everyone deserves to enjoy.

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Pardon My Interruption: Get Familiar With Indy Folk Singer-Songwriter Myah Evans


Myah Evans

Moving lyrics and smooth acoustics have been the perfect combination for folk singer-songwriter Myah Evans to make her mark in the local Indy music scene. The Indianapolis native and self-taught musician has been perfecting her alluring sound since the age of 12 and now resides in Bloomington where she balances work full time with an up-and-coming music career. And through her music, Evan’s shares her story, unfiltered. This summer Evans plans to release her long-awaited EP project, Y, which will give listeners an even more intimate look into her story.

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It’s Time For Indy to Meet Budding Pop-Folk Duo Sawyer

Kel Taylor and Emma Harvey met during their freshman year orientation at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. At the time, Taylor was a budding singer-songwriter from Indianapolis and Harvey was a talented guitar player and vocalist from Dallas. The two quickly became best friends and began working together on Taylor’s solo project, Kel. The two realized their sound together produced something much more powerful. And in early 2015, Taylor and Harvey announced their new musical venture together as the indie pop-folk duo, Sawyer.

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Indy Natives Captivate Folk Music World

Lily & Madeleine

Just over two years ago, singer-songwriters Lily and Madeleine Jerkiewicz emerged from the Hoosier state to captivate folk music audiences with their undeniable and organic vocal chemistry. Signed with Asthmatic Kitty Records, it didn’t take long for the sisters to gain worldwide attention for the release of their first EP, The Weight of the Globe. Since their debut, Lily & Madeleine have released two critically recognized albums and produced some of folk-pop music’s finest efforts.

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