Pardon My Interruption: Get Familiar With Indy Folk Singer-Songwriter Myah Evans


Myah Evans

Moving lyrics and smooth acoustics have been the perfect combination for folk singer-songwriter Myah Evans to make her mark in the local Indy music scene. The Indianapolis native and self-taught musician has been perfecting her alluring sound since the age of 12 and now resides in Bloomington where she balances work full time with an up-and-coming music career. And through her music, Evan’s shares her story, unfiltered. This summer Evans plans to release her long-awaited EP project, Y, which will give listeners an even more intimate look into her story.

Evans first began dabbling with music on her grandmother’s piano while living with her in Anderson, IN. Soon after Evans began crafting her signature vocal sound by recording herself singing songs she heard on the radio on her cell phone.

“I would record myself on my phone secretly and not share it with anyone to get comfortable with my voice,” she explained.

Evans began to teach herself how to play the guitar, which her friend let her borrow. She would select songs from the radio and practice playing them acoustically. Check out her covers on Youtube now. Evans also started writing her own music as well. She released her first project, “Familiar Things,” and just a year later, Evans released a full-length album entitled, Familiar Things (Deluxe Edition), which she wrote, recorded and produced all on her own. Evan’s raspy voice meshes delightfully with the soothing acoustics to create a truly hypnotizing listening experience.

“Situations make me feel a certain way, and I have to write about them. I don’t know how to deal with it unless I put it in a song,” Evans explained about inspiration for her songs.

Since her debut album release, the North Central grad has played local shows around Indy (most recently the Virginia Ave Folk Fest) and also toured around the country. She traveled to Ohio, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida and Texas promoting her music at scheduled shows and local open mic nights. And unlike most tours, Evans and her crew stayed in each city for multiple nights truly connecting and networking with music lovers.

Evans released her follow up single, “Flow This Way,” in early 2015. The single stays true to Evans’ folk sound. The melody is consoling while her soulful voice floats over the acoustics. The song skillfully embraces individuality and finding a safe place. It’s daring, but also trusting. Check out the short film above. It’s hard to believe that Evans is only 20 years-old.

No official release date for Y has been announced just yet, but its expected release is this summer. Until then, get to know Evans’ previous work, which you can purchase on iTunes now.

Visit her official website here!

Follow her on Twitter: @Myah_Evans

Written by: Warren Cangany

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