All-Natural Candle Brand Helps Hoosier Pride Burn Bright

Looking for the perfect local Indy gift? Or maybe you’re looking for something to spruce up a dull space? Look no further than the Indy-based company, The Onyx Exchange, which has made it’s mark as Indianapolis’ luxury handcrafted all-natural candle brand. The onyx stone is known for it’s ability to release negative emotion, which in turn, brings good fortune and renewed personal strength. And through their all-natural products, Jarod Wilson and Shan Parker hope their products provide not only a superior all-natural product, but one that promotes relaxation and positive energy. It’s the perfect exchange.

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The Ultimate Indy Mother’s Day Gift Guide

If you’re anything like me, you love your mother dearly, but are continually late to the party when it comes to getting Mother’s Day gifts. You’re distracted by this beautiful weather and the day creeps up on you year after year.

Luckily for you, Indy has an abundance of local gift options just minutes from your front door. And I’m here to present to you The Ultimate Indy Mother’s Day Gift Guide:

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