Building a Business Case

The first time I had an idea that I thought would revolutionize our business (I’d been out of college for about 2 months), my boss said “cool, write a business case.”

I started by Googling “business case,” and then began thinking about all of the things I would work on to make this project a success. I plugged them into a trusty Word doc and formatted it with some off-brand versions of our DyKnow blue and a font that wasn’t Times New Roman. Then I presented it.

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Wisdom for the Trndy Grad

Congratulations – you are about to complete what I sincerely hope was the most magical 4 (or maybe 5) years of your life to date. Your stress levels were likely dictated by which beer was on sale at Wal-Mart on the eve of your epic toga party. These problems are real, and I have no doubt you became a master at solving them. Now, you face new challenges in the wake of exiting the protected bubble of your college campus, and entering the expensive, responsibility-drenched world commonly referred to as “being an adult.”
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Be a Catalyst for Change: Part One

How often have you stared at some inanimate object in your place of work, convincing yourself you hit the proverbial wall or ceiling, and your only option for success and happiness was to leave?

Your perspective may be accurate. Leaving could be your only option to ‘get more’ and make different contributions. But have you thoughtfully considered what ‘more’ means to you? What exactly are you interested in pursuing? Consider this simple quiz, and circle all that apply:

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