TechPoint’s Mira Awards Honor Indiana’s Best in Tech

This week in Business, I am ecstatic to introduce Trndy nation to one of my favorite local organizations. TechPoint is the voice and catalyst for Indiana’s tech ecosystem, and they just hosted their insanely cool annual Mira Awards.

The Mira Awards are “the Oscars of tech in Indiana” and out of the 100 companies selected as nominees this year, 73 of them didn’t even exist 5 years ago. Of the 31 companies competing in the Tech, Emerging Tech and Startup of the Year categories, more than 315 jobs were created in 2014, and 13 of the nominees posted triple digit growth last year.

I interviewed Sally Reasoner, Xtern Talent Program Lead, to learn more about the Mira Awards and the significance of recognizing tech companies who laid their roots in Indy.

TechPoint is committed to shaping the story Indiana tells about our tech community and its growth. Sally says the Mira Awards are “a platform to share the story of our community on an annual basis.” The event draws national PR opportunities (Forbes is attending a Mira Awards Winners Circle event on May 15) and the eyes of Venture Capitalists from around the nation. In 2014, Education Tech Mira Award Winner SocialNetWatcher secured more than $250,000 in venture capital from four new investors as a result of exposure from Mira. Other past award winners report signing accounts for $1million and $1 billion in new business, being profiled by national media and even being invited to the White House.

A highlight of the glamorous evening for Sally was the Tech 25 category. Tech 25 recognizes critical, non-C-suite contributors who work the long hours and grind out the products and projects that propel business in Indiana forward.

“It was amazing to watch the companies who had members in this inaugural class, they were beaming with pride as their ‘builders’ made it to stage during the award ceremony.”

Winners were nominated by executives within their companies for this honor and were selected based on their exceptional abilities, contribution to company success and commitment to enhancing their team and our tech community.

In the future, Sally is committed to continue improving the event by focusing on maximizing the impact for winners and nominees.

”Winning a Mira Award, or even being a nominee […] gives local companies strong validation. This validation causes a ripple effect, it opens the doors to capital, talent, customers – everything a business needs to grow and add high wage and high skill jobs. That’s the impact that matters. That’s what drives our state’s economy forward.” -Sally Reasoner, Xtern Talent Program Lead

Don’t miss this striking summary of the award ceremony and TechPoint’s commitment to Indiana.

Visit for more information on their initiatives, events, team, and tech jobs in Indiana.

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