Indy(ish) Folk-Rock-Country Band Perfect For All Your Summertime Joy Rides

New Albany, Indiana may be small, but it has delivered a big punch in the music world. Jamey Abersold, born in 1939, hailing from New Albany, is considered the father of play-along improv jazz music books. His books are a staple in the realm of jazz and blues. Fast forward 75 years, and New Albany is making waves yet again in the music world- Enter Houndmouth.

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Indy Natives Captivate Folk Music World

Lily & Madeleine

Just over two years ago, singer-songwriters Lily and Madeleine Jerkiewicz emerged from the Hoosier state to captivate folk music audiences with their undeniable and organic vocal chemistry. Signed with Asthmatic Kitty Records, it didn’t take long for the sisters to gain worldwide attention for the release of their first EP, The Weight of the Globe. Since their debut, Lily & Madeleine have released two critically recognized albums and produced some of folk-pop music’s finest efforts.

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