Indy Rapper Opens Up on Debut EP and Hopes to Open Minds

A Typical Daisy Front

Molly June is a local Indianapolis artist with a talent so striking that you’ll want to hear it to believe it. And once you do, you won’t be able to stop listening. She is just that good. The twenty-something musician always felt a connection to music, but it wasn’t until high school that she discovered her ability to rap. And after releasing tracks on various music websites, Molly June has officially released her first EP, A Typical Daisy Part I. Molly June delivers an exciting and energetic debut effort that, quite frankly, is unforgettable.

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Dreaming Big Landed Hoosier Singer-Songwriter the Performance of a Lifetime

Two years ago singer-songwriter Haley Jonay received a backstage pass to meet platinum recording artist and singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran. Together they sang the chorus of his hit single “Lego House” and he told Jonay she had a beautiful voice. Inspired by his support, Jonay released her debut album Haley Jonay in November of 2014 and quickly became a local Hoosier favorite. And tonight, Jonay will be living out another dream: performing on the Plaza Stage at Klipsch Music Centre before Ed Sheeran’s sold out concert.

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Pardon My Interruption: Get Familiar With Indy Folk Singer-Songwriter Myah Evans


Myah Evans

Moving lyrics and smooth acoustics have been the perfect combination for folk singer-songwriter Myah Evans to make her mark in the local Indy music scene. The Indianapolis native and self-taught musician has been perfecting her alluring sound since the age of 12 and now resides in Bloomington where she balances work full time with an up-and-coming music career. And through her music, Evan’s shares her story, unfiltered. This summer Evans plans to release her long-awaited EP project, Y, which will give listeners an even more intimate look into her story.

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Hoosier Rock Band Gives New Meaning to the Rock in ROCKville

Rockville, Indiana made its mark as the Covered Bridge Capital of the World and where Indiana residents flock when they’re looking for a break. Rockville is also home to Indiana’s emerging classic rock band, Against the Clocks (ATC). The five-piece rock band garnered national attention for their smooth classic sound and teaming up with Tinderbox, SESAC, and radio stations across the country. And with the band’s upcoming show at the Indiana State Fair, they hope to redefine the rock in ROCKville.

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A Whole New World of Intimate Music in Indy

Can I ask you a question, do these concert scenarios sound familiar?

Mosh pits of shoulder-to-shoulder sweaty people, audio so bad it leaves your hearing impaired, or your vision blocked because your seat was right behind a cement pillar.

As a concert goer you expect to feeeeeel the music around you, not the people or the venue. A musical performance is an experience in more ways than one. Concerts are a platform for people of the community to come together and rally behind messages that are being played by the musician. Music is one of those things in life that is an indescribable feeling, and has you in a state of mind that can be simply described as pure happiness. Well, you’re in luck. A group of young music enthusiasts have come together in Indianapolis, and have listened to those suggestions about attending a unique concert experience by jump-starting the Indianapolis chapter of Sofar Sounds.

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Wherever your Summer Road Trips take you Jason Aaron Coons should be There

The wait for new music is almost over for fans of local Indy artist, Jason Aaron Coons, who is set to release his latest EP Ride Vol. I on May 22nd. JAC first teased new music almost a year ago during live shows before releasing unofficial tracks on soundcloud months ago. The offerings delivered a continuation to the singer-songwriter’s evolution to a sonic synth-pop sound heard on his last EP, The Coast. Now almost a year later from his last release, it’s time to for fans and local music lovers to turn their car stereos up and just ride.

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It’s Time to Wake Up and Dance with Electronic-Pop Duo Dream Chief

John and Luke Tuttle are lighting up the Hoosier state with their fresh synth-pop sound as the emerging electronic-pop duo, Dream Chief. The cousins started out playing covers at local coffee shops around Indy and released their first EP Live Alive, which helped land them a spot in the Top 24 on VH1’s competition Make a Band Famous. Now they are back in Indianapolis playing as many shows as they can book and gearing up for the release of their new EP due out this June. Indy, it’s time to dance.

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It’s Time For Indy to Meet Budding Pop-Folk Duo Sawyer

Kel Taylor and Emma Harvey met during their freshman year orientation at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. At the time, Taylor was a budding singer-songwriter from Indianapolis and Harvey was a talented guitar player and vocalist from Dallas. The two quickly became best friends and began working together on Taylor’s solo project, Kel. The two realized their sound together produced something much more powerful. And in early 2015, Taylor and Harvey announced their new musical venture together as the indie pop-folk duo, Sawyer.

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Trndy Venues for Summer Tunes

Indy’s live music scene is multifarious. From alternative cover bands in north side bars and indie acts in Fountain Square to arena sell-outs downtown, our city does not lack this important cultural attribute. Although our city lies some miles between music capital Nashville and Chicago, our venues traffic big-time musicians on a regular basis. In this Trndy article, I will describe a few of Naptown’s staple venues and upcoming summer concerts where you’ll be sure to find great music, wonderful people and good vibes.

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Labels Don’t Mean a Thing for Multi-Talented Naptown Artist

Tiara Thomas returns to her signature acoustic sound in her latest single, “How It Is,” off her up-coming EP Up in Smoke. The Indy native singer-songwriter, best known for the platinum single “Bad,” transformed from just a college graduate to one of R&B music’s most exciting and talked about musicians. And in two years, Thomas had a very public fallout with Wale, released her debut EP, and signed with then parted with Interscope records. Now Thomas is moving forward as an independent artist providing fans with a more complete look into her many talents with her upcoming EP.

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