Labels Don’t Mean a Thing for Multi-Talented Naptown Artist

Tiara Thomas returns to her signature acoustic sound in her latest single, “How It Is,” off her up-coming EP Up in Smoke. The Indy native singer-songwriter, best known for the platinum single “Bad,” transformed from just a college graduate to one of R&B music’s most exciting and talked about musicians. And in two years, Thomas had a very public fallout with Wale, released her debut EP, and signed with then parted with Interscope records. Now Thomas is moving forward as an independent artist providing fans with a more complete look into her many talents with her upcoming EP.

“How It Is” is one of five tracks that will be featured on Up in Smoke and offers a striped down acoustic production paired with Thomas’ smoky vocals, which many of her fans know and love. The track delivers an undeniable slow burn that makes the honest and unapologetic lyrics sizzle. The single takes an exciting turn in the second verse when Thomas delivers cutting rap verses. The vibe is there and the song may be Thomas’ most raw and sincere release to date.

Although a release date for Thomas’ Up in Smoke is unknown, it’s clear that Thomas isn’t done showing the world her many talents. She recently performed at the SXSW music festival where she was introduced by R&B music veteran, Brandy. And fans can catch a more comedic side of Thomas on Youtube showing off her culinary skills in “Baking with Tiara Thomas.” It’s an exciting time to follow Thomas as she evolves without influence from record label executives and has complete control. Thomas has tentative plans to release new music sometime next week.

Follow her on Twitter: Tiara Thomas

Written by: Warren Cangany

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