Trndy Venues for Summer Tunes

Indy’s live music scene is multifarious. From alternative cover bands in north side bars and indie acts in Fountain Square to arena sell-outs downtown, our city does not lack this important cultural attribute. Although our city lies some miles between music capital Nashville and Chicago, our venues traffic big-time musicians on a regular basis. In this Trndy article, I will describe a few of Naptown’s staple venues and upcoming summer concerts where you’ll be sure to find great music, wonderful people and good vibes.

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Falling in Love isn’t a Sprint, it’s an Indy Marathon

In the Spring of 2013, I decided I needed some new challenges, so I put a half marathon on my to do list. I had been told that the Monumental Half Marathon was a fast and flat course, so I signed up and started training until all of the sudden, it was the brisk morning of November 2nd

I headed to the starting line with a few thousand of my closest friends, muttering quietly to myself how crazy it was to not only wake up at 7 a.m. on a Saturday in 35 degree temperatures to run 13.1 miles, but that I PAID to do this to myself. A woman next to me asked me if it I was my first half, and when I told her it was, she gave me a half hug and told me how much I was going to love it. I had to smile at the Hoosier hospitality, but I didn’t believe her. But before I could give it all much thought, we were literally off and running.

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Labels Don’t Mean a Thing for Multi-Talented Naptown Artist

Tiara Thomas returns to her signature acoustic sound in her latest single, “How It Is,” off her up-coming EP Up in Smoke. The Indy native singer-songwriter, best known for the platinum single “Bad,” transformed from just a college graduate to one of R&B music’s most exciting and talked about musicians. And in two years, Thomas had a very public fallout with Wale, released her debut EP, and signed with then parted with Interscope records. Now Thomas is moving forward as an independent artist providing fans with a more complete look into her many talents with her upcoming EP.

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SoBro Brewery is on Deck to be Your Favorite Hangout Spot


I firmly believe that Bent Rail Brewery has the potential to be the best, up and coming spot in South Broad Ripple. There, I said it. Bold words.

Brought to you by the same folks that own and operate Plough and Anchor as well as The Local Eatery & Pub, Bent Rail has transformed the former Monon Fitness Center into a space with endless possibilities. Located in the heart of SoBro, their spot right off the Monon is sure to make this place an instant success, especially as the weather turns nice, and everybody is looking to do a little porch sittin’ / beer drinkin’. I was fortunate enough to sit down with Director of Sales, Cari Crowe (follow her on twitter @mcaricrowe), to find out more about BRB.

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