5 Steps to Prepare for the Indy 500

Race fans, it’s that exciting time of year again! The big day is swiftly approaching, Sunday May 24th, and it’s time to get your plan on. If you haven’t already, you should start taking action on the following.

  1. Picking Your Location at the Track

The track is huge, and you have a lot of options when it comes to location. If you are interested in watching the race, the stands are the best place to be to hear the loud engines and watch all the crashes. Your ticket in the stands also allows to walk into the infield if you so choose.

Want to have fun, but not interested in the cars? The infield is probably your best choice. Buy an infield-parking pass (or find a friend that already has one), and drive your car/truck into the track bright and early. The infield offers tailgating that will match those of your university’s big football game. No car? Carry in a cooler and blanket and find your spot somewhere on the lawn.

Remember, the Snake Pit is in the infield as well. If you are looking to boogie during the race, you can buy your tickets here.

  1. Buying Your Ticket

Your ticket price will depend on your location at the track. My family has always enjoyed Turn Two at the track because of all the exciting action, but buying a ticket under an overhang is never a bad idea when it’s 90+ degrees. The least expensive option is an infield ticket.

Purchase your tickets here.

  1. Figuring Out Your Parking Situation

Parking is probably the most stressful part of going to the Indy 500, since there are quite a few options. Here are options to consider:

  • Infield – these parking passes tend to sell out fast, but if you can get your hands on one, consider yourself lucky. If you want a good spot, get up and go early!
  • Empty lot or someone’s front yard – As you drive around the track, you’ll notice most the homes offer up their front yard for parking at a price. Just drive around and find the best deal.
  • The Shuttle – sometimes it’s just easier to not have to park at all. Click here to read about all the transportation services to the track.

4. Buying a COOLER with Wheels

If you’ve never been to a race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, you may be surprised to know you can bring a cooler into the track with your own goodies (snacks, booze, etc.); however, be ready to walk long distances. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that guy carrying a 25 lb cooler looking like he is ready to puke or pass out. Moral of the story, BUY A COOLER WITH WHEELS! Coolers bigger than 14″ x 14″ are not allowed.

  1. Shopping for American Flag Anything

This is not optional. The track is no place for khakis and loafers. Cutoff shirts, jean shorts, and American Flag anything is the appropriate dress attire (oh, and sunscreen – look for the Outrun the Sun sunscreen stations). Protect your head with a nice American flag handkerchief, and bring a poncho just in case it rains.

For any other questions, check out this Indy 500 FAQ.

Written by: Stuart Alexander

Photo Credit: Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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