Hoosier Rock Band Gives New Meaning to the Rock in ROCKville

Rockville, Indiana made its mark as the Covered Bridge Capital of the World and where Indiana residents flock when they’re looking for a break. Rockville is also home to Indiana’s emerging classic rock band, Against the Clocks (ATC). The five-piece rock band garnered national attention for their smooth classic sound and teaming up with Tinderbox, SESAC, and radio stations across the country. And with the band’s upcoming show at the Indiana State Fair, they hope to redefine the rock in ROCKville.

ATC began in 2013 with founding members Logan Lake (vocals, piano and guitar), Jon Hook (vocals and drums) and Brock Crooks (vocals and guitar). Today, the band consists of two more members, Lake’s brother, Jordan Lake who joined in early 2015, on guitar along with the band’s newest member, Jonathan January on the bass. Landry Moore, the band’s second lead vocalist, joined in 2014, but left the band in early 2015. The band does it all while each one still holds down a day job and considers ATC to be a testament to modern technology.

“We use our iPhones to record tidbits and lyrics and email each other. And then we practice with each other over the phone at home,” said Jordan.

The band released their third EP, 47872, in March of 2015. The title of the EP actually is Rockville’s zip code, paying tribute to their hometown. 47872 is a strong effort that delivers an extremely polished and classic rock sound. The track, “Not With You,” Lake’s vocals glide effortlessly over the mellow and seamless instrumentals while the vocal harmony of the band gives it a slow jam vibe. Another stand out track from the effort is, “Love’s Like,” which takes on a stronger rock and roll influence with the guitar riffs and solos during and after the chorus. All the tracks consist of an infectious melody that allows every other element to fall into place.

“Against the Clocks has a slicker pop sound, but our souls are from the golden era of rock and roll and this is what makes us a relevant band that people can dig into,” explained Jordan.

Currently, ATC is looking to grow their local fan base in Indy. And while many Naptown residents may just be getting introduced to the band’s great sound, ATC has actually grown quite the following across the nation. In late 2014, they beat out over a 100 bands in a local Philadelphia based radio station contest, which relied on the public’s vote for their favorite band. They performed for over 300 people in Pittsburgh. And their most notable accomplishment to date, they have signed a licensing agreement with SESAC, which will allow their music to be heard on various TV networks including ESPN, Discovery Channel and all sports arenas across the country.

ATC will be performing tonight, Friday June 12th, at Birdy’s Live in Indy. As ATC continues to build a strong fan base in Indiana they also hope to attract a band manager and record deal. But in the meantime, they hope to help others uncover the great music scene happening in Indiana.

Check out their website here.

Follow the ATC on Twitter: @Against_Clocks

Buy 47872 on iTunes now!

Written By: Warren Cangany

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