Indy Film Fest: Wrecking Balls of Mediocrity Since 2004

I have cool friends doing cool things. One of those things involves the planning of the Indy Film Fest. And one of the perks of having those cool friends is tagging along to opening night of said film fest.

IMG_8645 (1)The theme of the 2015 festival is “Fearless Stories” and they are living up to that with a line-up of films that is anything but mediocre. Opening night featured “Sleeping With Other People” and did not disappoint. Never have I seen a film that so successfully combined witty banter, charming dialogue, heartfelt moments, and just the right amount of raunchy humor.

Post film, we continued the evening to the afterparty. Here we shared a cocktail table with a couple who also shared our love of the ethnic food scene** in Indy… all while sipping on Sun King and munching on Duos Indy & Just Pop In. I couldn’t help but smile at the amount of local love radiating from the room. Film naturally brings people together, but the Indy Film Fest in particular does an amazing job of creating meaningful experiences with interesting people.

Good news: you still have four days to experience this magic. I really don’t think it matters which film you choose, but in case you need help deciding… here’s a can’t miss list from those cool friends I was referring to above:

  • Chorus – Thursday, July 23rd @ 1:30pm
  • Night Owls – Wednesday, July 22nd @ 4pm
  • For Grace – Thursday, July 23rd @ 7pm
  • Peanut Gallery – Saturday, July 25 @ 2:15pm
  • WildLike – Saturday, July 25th @ 7:30pm – followed by the Closing Night Party!
  • Hoosier Lens – An entire category featuring strong production ties to Indiana, celebrating local filmmakers and our great Hoosier state.
  • See the full film schedule here.

And with that…fest on, my friends. Indy_Film_Fest

**If you haven’t been to Saigon in Lafayette Square for the best Vietnamese cuisine in Indy, go! Go right now.

Written by: Camryn Walton

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