Calvin Flectcher’s Coffee Company will give you the perfect buzz

Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company makes good on it’s promises that extend much further than just a great cup of coffee.

CFCC, located on Virginia Avenue in Historic Fletcher Place, is a not-for-profit coffee company whose mission is “building a community through loving and welcoming every person that walks through the door, and through providing the best product, service and friendship that we possibly can.” CFCC really holds themselves to a higher standard. All profits made by the coffee company are donated to local groups and nonprofits, their goal is to donate $5,000. They also plan to give time by engaging in services projects right in Fletcher Place. They aren’t just giving you a to go cup of coffee, they are building a community of good people.

In a rush to make my meeting on time at CFCC I forgot my wallet. Not realizing it, I ordered the House Iced Coffee. After searching through my purse I realized I had no money. Embarrassed, I told the man behind the counter I would have to cancel the order. He smiled and said “Oh don’t worry about it. It’s on us!”

It was the mission in action. He reassured me that it was not a big deal and sometimes you just forget your wallet. Then on top of the great service the coffee was amazing. I love coffee but I have to say a lot of the depths of flavors are lost on me. People talk about the cholocately notes of their cup or the floral hints and all I usually just taste coffee. Maybe it was because this cup was free and I was still on a high from the supreme customer service but for the first time I didn’t just taste generic coffee. The depths of flavors extended beyond the typical cup of joe. Not to mention it was extremely refreshing on a hot summer’s day.

CFCC has more than coffee. Parfaits, chicken salad sandwiches, coffee cakes were all on the menu and made me eager to come back, with my wallet next time.

Looking around the shop the community its set in is well represented. Local artists had their work on display. The shop had just enough people in it to make it feel busy but not overwhelming on the Monday afternoon. They all seemed to be working on something, computers out, notebooks with pens laying on them ready to accomplish things. When I walked in I was greeted by smiling faces for almost every table. CFCC is the perfect place to get work done. The coffee is great, the staff is incredibly nice and the environment just makes you want to make the world a better place.

CFCC is open Monday-Saturday from 7 am- 6 pm and until 9 pm on First Fridays.

Written by: Eli Cangany

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