Sophia Joelle Delivers an Irresistible Debut EP

Introducing newcomer, Sophia Joelle, an emerging multi-talented singer-songwriter that has already made quite the viral splash with her stunning covers and crafty mash-ups on YouTube. And with a strong social media following, the Zionsville teen is ready to make her mark on pop music with the release of her first EP. Other Side of My Soul is a polished and perfect debut for music’s newest pop princess, Sophia Joelle.

“My family was the typical sports family before I came along. Musical theater is how I got into performing and that’s how I fell in love with singing,” she explained.

It wasn’t until Sophia Joelle took a break from sports that she truly discovered her love for music. And after some convincing from a friend, she joined her first theater production and discovered music was her passion. She began taking vocal lessons and learned how to play both the guitar and piano. And at a young age, released three original country-pop singles on iTunes. One of the singles, “Hurricane,” helped her snag her first musical accomplishment. The track was named by the International Songwriting Competition as one of 2014’s Honorary Mentions for the Teen Category and beat out over 18,000 submissions from across the world.

“After writing my own songs is when I realized I could potentially release them and people would connect with them.”

Sophia Joelle teamed up with Thom Daugherty, who helped produce “Hurricane,” to create her biggest and most promising project to date, Other Side of My Soul. The EP consists of five new songs along with a stripped down version of the title track, “Other Side of My Soul.” The project is vocally very strong and the perfect production only enhances the lyrical journey. The EP showcases Sophia Joelle’s vocal versatility with vulnerable ballads and strong power-pop gems. It’s hard to believe she is only 15 years-old. Other Side of My Soul is now available for purchase on iTunes and can be streamed on Spotify.

Other Side of My Soul by Sophia Joelle

Other Side of My Soul by Sophia Joelle

Other Side of My Soul will be officially released October 11th at The Warehouse in Carmel. The event starts at 4pm and is free. All ages are welcome. Jon Klaasen will open for Sophia Joelle, who will perform her new EP live. There will also be a meet and greet after the show. Hard copies of her new EP will be available for purchase as well. Be on the look out for a music video for”Other Side of My Soul” as hinted by Sophia Joelle’s Instagram.

Sophia Joelle’s Other Side of My Soul is a triumph and promising first step for the emerging singer-songwriter.

Follow Sophia Joelle on Twitter: @ImSophiaJoelle

Subscribe to her YouTube Channel: Sophia Joelle

Photo Credit: ASBORB

Written By: Warren Cangany

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