IndyFringe Sweeps Audiences Off Their Feet with Impressionism

I’ve been to the IndyFringe Basile Theater twice now, and both times I leave thinking “I need to come here more often.” So here’s my newest 2016 resolution to see more shows at this theater.

Both performances have been directed by the lovely Amy Hayes, and both have been incredibly touching, emotionally raw, and heart-warmingly funny. The one currently playing is Impressionism, and tells the story of two characters, Thomas and Katherine, working side-by-side in an art gallery, hiding from a world that has shattered them. As they grow closer in every scene {spoiler alert} they find that love isn’t always painted in the style of realism, but that sometimes you have to take a step back to see the whole picture – or in this case – the whole person.

A Note From The Director: “This play is a love story. Absolutely, no question. But it’s not just about love between two people. I think it’s actually about the love that great art creates. Every time I see Michelangelo’s David I cry. I can’t help it. I’ve seen it three times, and every time I have a visceral reaction, like a kick in the gut. Who knows why I cry. The power of him, his humanity, his beauty, the fact that a human being was able to make something like that… I don’t know.”


Photo by Kally Gualdoni

When I was 16, I traveled to Paris and visited the Louvre. After being utterly disappointed by Mona Lisa, I turned the corner and looked up a grand staircase at an even grander sculpture,  The Winged Victory of Samothrace. And I cried. After doing some research, I learned that the sculpture was created to honor the goddess, Nike, and conveys a sense of action and triumph. So maybe I was subconsciously moved by the female badass-ness of this piece of work, but at the time I just knew that it was big and beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. Do you have any stories like this?

I’ve purposefully kept this review short and sweet, just like the performance itself. In just 90 minutes, you will experience a cast that is extremely talented and a script that will evoke a range of emotions inside of you. Come with a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend (even come alone!), knowing that you’ll leave with a warm feeling in your heart and a big smile on your face.

What you need to know:

  • The performance runs Feb. 4th – Feb. 20th. Showtimes here.
  • Enjoy bogo tickets on opening night. Tickets range from $12-$20.
  • Local artist, Katie Burke, will be auctioning off her painting (a star of the show) at every performance.
  • There will be a champagne toast at the Valentine’s Day performance. ❤

And while we’re on the topic of Valentine’s Day, here’s a quick list of additional ways to celebrate the holiday weekend, thanks to our friends at Downtown Indy.

One last cheers to the talented folks over at IndyFringe and the Wisdom Tooth Theater Project. Thank you for continuously surprising and delighting me. See you next time!

Visit the IndyFringe Website here!

Written By: Camryn Walton

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