Indy Rapper Opens Up on Debut EP and Hopes to Open Minds

A Typical Daisy Front

Molly June is a local Indianapolis artist with a talent so striking that you’ll want to hear it to believe it. And once you do, you won’t be able to stop listening. She is just that good. The twenty-something musician always felt a connection to music, but it wasn’t until high school that she discovered her ability to rap. And after releasing tracks on various music websites, Molly June has officially released her first EP, A Typical Daisy Part I. Molly June delivers an exciting and energetic debut effort that, quite frankly, is unforgettable.

“Before I could even write, I was creating songs.”

June typically expressed herself musically through various acoustic tracks after receiving a guitar as a gift from a friend in middle school. However, one high school party changed that when she participated in a freestyle rap battle and discovered her natural ability to rap. She won the battle and discovered that rap music wasn’t something she simply enjoyed to listen to, but also something she wanted to create. After graduating from Lawrence Central High School, June went on to attend Indiana University. She joined Alpha Pack Records where she was able to develop her sound and get valuable studio time.

June moved back to Indy where she pursued music on her own. She released an EDM track “Electric Vibes” almost a year ago, which sparked the interest of Carl Mayo, the president of 2ThreeVII Worldwide management. With the help of Mayo, June released her first EP, A Typical Daisy Part I, on Halloween of 2015. It’s the first offering of June’s “A Typical Daisy” EP series.

“A daisy represents a beautiful flower. When it’s atypical it is something different. It doesn’t have to be the same as all the other daisies to fit in or be beautiful. It means you can be different and still beautiful,” June explained about her EP title inspiration.

June’s EP is a three song project that displays her true and natural talent as a rapper with a mix of EDM. Vocally, the control and consistency of her vocals are on par with some of today’s top hip-hop acts. It’s no surprise as to why she has been likened the female Eminem. However, the EP isn’t just about June’s rapping abilities, but also about delivering a message of acceptance. The EP features, “Unorthodox,” a track that June wrote for the LGBTQ community. The track tackles some of the hardships June faced when coming out to family and friends, which she hopes helps others through the same struggle and maybe opens minds.

“Being you and your authentic self is the best gift you can give yourself,” explained June.

Since the release of her EP, June has been able to connect with many fans thanking her for inspiring them to be true to themselves. And although her EP leans more into the rap and EDM sound waves she still plans to produce acoustic tracks. June will perform with six other local musical acts at the Face the Music Festival in February, tickets for the festival are on sale now. June is also preparing for her Midwest tour in 2016.

June hopes to have A Typical Daisy Part II out by the Summer of 2016. You can buy A Typical Daisy Part I now on iTunes.

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Written by: Warren Cangany

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