Dream Chief Delivers with New EP Movement

DC movement cover digital copy

Movement Released Sept 12th

Summer may be drawing to an end, but don’t put away your dancing shoes just yet. Dream Chief is here to re-energize your dance parties with brand new music off their highly anticipated offering, Movement. For those of you unaware, Dream Chief is the emerging electro-pop cousin duo that found quick fame on a VH1 music competition show as John & Luke. Since then the duo has evolved into Dream Chief and become one of Indy’s most exciting artists on the rise. Movement is a stunning dance driven effort and deserves your attention.

Movement offers up four new shimmering and energetic electro-pop songs along with a remastered version of “Who Knows.” Together the five songs join together to create a intricate and synth-tastic effort while the catchy lyrics dance over each earworm. Each track can firmly stand alone, but together provide a dynamic and collective image of promising artistry of Dream Chief.

The EP begins with a haunting slow-burn called “IDK Why” a song originally written about an unhealthy relationship, but has evolved into achieving immediate gratification despite the consequences. It will only take one listen above before you’re hooked. “Electricity” follows next and offers a lighter and breezy sound that dabbles with themes of dream chasing. The EP slows down with “Pretend” a smooth jam about a struggling relationship. “Math” brings back the energetic dance synths with a upbeat tropical track about love. The EP closes with a familiar offering called “Who Knows,” which ends the project perfectly with heavy synths and a strong dance beat. Each track offers up something different, but still provides Dream Chief’s signature electro-pop sound.

Dream Chief released their EP officially on September 12th at their EP release extravaganza before releasing it on-line everywhere the next day. As a Dream Chief fan, it’s great to finally have tracks in my music library after falling in love with their electro-pop sound after hearing them live months ago. The duo has not posted any upcoming shows, but when they do ensure you’re there. Movement is an exciting and dance-packed effort that will make it impossible to sit still. Treat yourself to some great Hoosier music and tell your friends about it. They will thank you later.

Movement is available on-line everywhere now!

Follow Dream Chief on Twitter: DreamChiefMusic

Visit their website here!

Written By: Warren Cangany

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