Adventurous eating starts with Mama’s House Korean Restaurant

Reviewing Mama’s House Korean Restaurant is difficult. It is an eatery that will be divisive no matter how you look at it. For starters, the location is un-glamorous, and even that might be overselling it. Second, Korean cuisine has not jumped into the American zeitgeist in nearly the same way that other Asian traditions have. Select neighborhoods in New York and California might boast popular, real Korean food, but that has not been the case in the Midwest. And finally, if you are someone who has adventurous taste buds, it might not be worth the effort to sway a picky eater to try a little kimchi. So what’s a foodie in a group of friends to do? Suffer through another take on pub food or withstand the whining of a captious tablemate?

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Northside Mediterranean Restaurant and Market Is One of Indy’s Well-Kept Secrets

Part of a restaurant’s appeal is its ability to transport. Dishes are legacies that trace back to places both intimate and general. For a brief moment, a bite of something in an obscure strip mall can serve as a round trip ticket to somewhere else. And, if the food in question is particularly good, sometimes the diner can’t wait to go back for more. That sentiment accurately describes Al Basha Mediterranean Restaurant & Grocery.

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SoBro Brewery is on Deck to be Your Favorite Hangout Spot


I firmly believe that Bent Rail Brewery has the potential to be the best, up and coming spot in South Broad Ripple. There, I said it. Bold words.

Brought to you by the same folks that own and operate Plough and Anchor as well as The Local Eatery & Pub, Bent Rail has transformed the former Monon Fitness Center into a space with endless possibilities. Located in the heart of SoBro, their spot right off the Monon is sure to make this place an instant success, especially as the weather turns nice, and everybody is looking to do a little porch sittin’ / beer drinkin’. I was fortunate enough to sit down with Director of Sales, Cari Crowe (follow her on twitter @mcaricrowe), to find out more about BRB.

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Fletcher Place fine diner offers homestyle favorites with a hipster twist

Located on Virginia Avenue in Fletcher Place, even a cold and rainy morning could be made brighter by the spunky, warehouse-style fine diner at Milktooth. Greeted immediately by hipster hostesses and a line out the door, we knew we had found the place recommended by many Indy millennials. We put in our name for a few of the near 60 occupied seats, and headed for the combination coffee/cocktail bar.

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Northeast Side Fish Market is an Indy Gem

There’s a certain set of criteria for fishmongers. Is the shop busy? Is the display ice slushy and clear or melting and discolored? Does it smell like the inside of a sailor’s shoe? Generally speaking, a negative mark for any of these questions will deep six a fish joint. It’s simply not worth the risk to eat bad fish. Especially when the fishmonger in question is based in landlocked Indiana.

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New Meatball Spot Finds Instant Success on Mass Ave.

Mimi Blue Meatball Logo

If you haven’t been to Mimi Blue Meatballs… I’m fairly certain you need to rethink your life’s choices. Open only a few short weeks, Mimi Blue Meatballs, or M.B.M. for the sake of brevity, is sure to become a staple among many greats (R Bistro, Black Market) on the north end of Mass Ave. Trndy Indy was lucky enough to sit down with co-owner, Michael Kosene, to get the “tea” on what has made M.B.M. an instant success, and a deliciously Trndy place to dine.

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